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We are a growing team of financial technology experts, each of us with 15-30 years’ experience in the financial service sector. We’re backed by investors with experience of managing successful businesses. Founded in 2012, we provide new generation Enterprise Control Management solutions to financial institutions to help them solve their Operational, Regulatory and Compliance challenges more effectively.

What do we mean by Enterprise Control Management?

Enterprise Control Management

We help you design and implement intelligent operational controls to support your risk and compliance initiatives. We do so using a clever platform called the Erudine Behaviour Engine (EBE), which we’ve spent millions developing and refining. The operational controls designed with EBE give you the peace of mind that your business is always compliant with the latest regulations.

How do we help you become compliant with the latest regulations?

How we help

We identify hidden behaviour patterns from your data and apply advanced techniques to your policies and procedures to uncover problematic activities. In this way we aim to mitigate financial, operational and reputational risks. This improves the consistency and visibility of what you do, and the certainty that the actions you are reviewing are the right ones. At the same time we focus on helping you deliver on your operational excellence objectives.

Our technology solution is both a system and a method. So we call it a systemic method.

The Systemic Method

As a system, the Erudine Behaviour Engine helps you capture the behaviour embedded in your data, processes and existing systems. It then helps you optimise your internal business practices by ensuring behavioural compliance with your expected business outcomes.

Those outcomes may be captured in policies, procedures, standards, guidelines and even in your strategy.

Then we can automate and operationalise these controls and display them through a risk management and compliance dashboard. This allows you to review both good and poor behaviours. You can use the good behaviours to define and refine best practice, and the poor behaviours to take appropriate action – for example changes in the execution of policy or training.

As a method, the Erudine Behaviour Engine helps you set a consistent approach to deliver your risk management and regulatory compliance projects. You can collect data, capture behaviours, align policies and requirements and review results using easy-to-read conceptual graphs, making it simple to visualise and understand what’s going on. Because it is test-driven you can move these projects from design to execution very quickly.

Because of our systemic method and our experienced team, we help you implement the right risk management and regulatory compliance solution on average a third faster than traditional solutions. Not only do we help you accelerate your delivery with our clever platform, we also understand your challenges right away – and how to solve them.

We engage in strategic partnerships

Together, we aim to solve

We collaborate with the most renowned consulting firms and the largest financial institutions to shape new internal control methods and frameworks. Together, we aim to solve the most pressing risk management and compliance challenges affecting financial institutions today and in the future.

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