We simplify your risk management. We deliver regulatory compliance.


Erudine delivers resilient and control-orientated technology-enabled solutions for the finance sector.
Our technology executes policy so you know beyond doubt you can reduce your risk exposure.
Our solutions update easily in line with constantly changing regulation.
We get you compliant quickly – with pre-defined accelerators for all your legislative needs.

We start with data 

Your compliance is in your data. We use a simple case-based reasoning approach to connect your operational data to your written policy. This removes ambiguity and complexity, and creates fully auditable and forward-looking business solutions guaranteed to be compliant. 


We codify judgement 

Your policies must reflect international regulation and legislation. Our unique Behaviour Engine enables just that. The Engine forces the justification of all behaviour in your business and ensures that this can be evidenced in accordance with internal and external policy.


We provide agility 

As global legislation and regulation constantly change and evolve, Erudine provides solutions that absorb these changes in a safe and traceable way. We ensure that you can prove that you are operating in the right way with the right information in each jurisdiction all the time.


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Erudine Conduct Risk

Protect against reputational damage and punitive fines with rock-solid good conduct.

Our technology makes non-compliance difficult by monitoring and controlling all behaviour in your business.

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We work with businesses to help them manage their risk through the proper execution of policy.




Erudine selected among seven leading technology innovators for Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab

FinTech selected Erudine as one of seven Leading Financial Technology Innovators at its 2014 Innovation Accelerator Programme in London.

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